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10982032 912290535468880 272989625904588927 nJaneret:represents the new generation of Parisian electronic music scene.
He has more than a dozen of vinyl releases on record labels like Courtesy of Balance,
Rutilance Recordings, Finale Sessions, AKU, RORA, and JOULE.
What defines his style is his ability to combine deep house, atmospheric pads, and dub with strong beats;
His brilliant releases, his large selecta and his DJjing technique
granted him gigs Berlin, Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona, Lima, Moscow, Buenos Aires and many more.

Romano AlfieriRomano Alfieri: Cresciuto nel fervore della techno/funk, Romano Alfieri ha mosso i suoi primi passi negli anni 2000 quando anche in Toscana la scena era già ben consolidata. Con le prime serate all’Insomnia di Pisa, un pilastro italiano del clubbing, e grazie alle sinergie artistiche createsi con gli ospiti internazionali, nascono le prime produzioni e ‘Moved to Love’ su Break New Soil di Gregor Tresher fu un gran successo. Seguirono poi nel 2011 ‘Leave the Valley’ sempre sulla stessa etichetta di Francoforte e la compilation ‘Sea the Love Festival’ di Karotte. L’intuizione, il talento e l’impegno lo ha portato a suonare nei più prestigiosi club italiani e internazionali, ai party Cocoon e Minus. Nel 2013 Tenax Recording, etichetta dello storico club di Firenze, scelse Romano per l’EP ‘I follow you’. Nello stesso anno l’artista ha remixato una traccia di Todd Terry inserita poi da Matthias Kaden nella compilation del Watergate di Berlino. E così arrivarono i festival: Time Warp Italia, Movement Torino, Park Like di Manchester, roBOt Bologna, Sonar Off, Miami Music Week, Space Ibiza. E’ del 2015 l’EP su NOON Recordings di Reboot, che ha dato inizio alla collaborazione con l’omonima agenzia di booking & management.

MinuÇ 31.10.2015 prescatti 2072Howl Ensemble a.k.a. Giovanni Verrina & Germano Ventura: HOWL è l'estasi dell'improvvisazione consapevole;
l'espressione libera di chi ha un consolidato background musicale alle spalle e trova nella musica
elettronica il mezzo per esprimersi e liberare il proprio bisogno di comunicare.
HOWL non è solo un etichetta, ma uno stato d'animo.

Alex Bau 03Alex Bau: There are not many DJ's of this type. DJ's who believed in Techno from the first minute, DJ's who experienced Techno from the very beginning, DJ's who made techno their own thing. DJ's who found their own style, even more, who developped it over the years, Dj's who's name is the expression for a specific sound. Alex Bau is one of them. But at the same time, there are some slight differences with this guy. Why focussing on just one style of music? Why only minimal sounds? Why only Techno? Why? If cou can have both... Is it related to the fact that there has been a time before Techno for Alex Bau? Thousands of records in his collection, different styles, different music, for sure something that leaves its marks, no doubt about it. Still he is doing Depeche ModeNights from time to time, just for fun, and his activities on Techno doesn't really suffer from that, not at all! With his 5 or even more hours sets at his first resident club in his southeastbavarian homearea, the „Libella“, where for example also DJ Hell started his career back in the 80ies, he achieved the reputation as somebody who is totally aware of what he is doing, totally dedicated to it and also totally loving it. He had his own radioshow for over 2 years on a local radiostation, still so far the only technoshow in this area, but after countless gigs at the local clubs time was right to proof that he is also able to play at other places all around. Especially the productions together with his friend Sven Dedek, mainly released under their moniker „Basic Implant“ or „Electric Envoy“ on labels like the at this time starting „Fine Audio Recordings“ from Chris Liebing have hit the technofloors in a very impressive way, so that he was able to collect also international experiences behind the decks while Sven was playing live. Releases like the „Phase Edit EP“, a highly acclaimed and well sold rework of some Nitzer Ebb EBM Classics, or their work for Dave Angel's "Rotation", Justin Berkovi's "Predicaments" or Pascal FEOS' "PV-Records" enabled the guys to reach a much bigger audience. Finally, after numerous releases for different labels beside his own label “Toneman”, Alex released his debut-album “Connected” in late 2004, which immediately draw the attention of many high class DJ's like Chris Liebing, Pascal FEOS or Good Groove to name just a few. The fact that these artists, all standing for a different kind of style, grabbed the tracks from “Connected” constantly shows that the name of the album couldn't have been chosen in a better way. With starting his own label „Toneman“ back in 2000 Alex Bau also started to his soloproductions for labels like Chris Liebing's “CLR” or the Montreal based label "Default Recordings". Montreal can be understood as a kind of scale of Alex' DJactivities too! Within 3 years he has been booked to Montreal four times, his set from the legendary night at “Aria” from january 2006 was even released as a mix-cd “live at Aria / Montreal” so that Alex came back months later to perform on the releaseparty, once again a night to remember for the Montreal technomovement. At this time Alex was already booked as the headliner, and its reported by numerous mails and guestbook-entries that it was not a mistake to do so. Maybe also as a small, unconscious “thank you”, but mainly due to a very inspirational night he spent in Halifax, where he flew over to Canada for just one night, he declared an EP as the “C.A.N.A.D.A. EP”, which was released on CLR in late 2007 and received overwhelming feedback from all over the globe. People desrcibed the tracks “Summer in Moncton” and “Halifax Funk” as masterpieces of contemporary technomusic which seperates positively from the rest, mainly dominated by minimal clicks and cuts. But it's not only Montreal, where Alex is being booked again and again, there are also other places, which obviously is a sign that he seems to be a guy who understands what to do when standing in front of people and trying to bring the party to the max. Clubs like Frankfurt's "U60311", where, among other dates, he was part of the closing night of Chris Liebing's legendary partyseries “Es ist Freitagaaabend”, Munich's "Electric Delicate", Würzburg's "Airport", or the legendary "Tresor" in Berlin are not only the trademarks of german technoclubculture, they can also be found on Alex Bau's giglist. Japan, Braszil, USA, Canada, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Holland or the closer Austria and Switzerland are some of the tourstops on Alex' calender, and no matter where, all over the places people can hear and feel how interesting, versatile and powerful techno can be if you understand to combine minimal and straight techno as a constant up and down. Always everything under control while the party is going wild, that's what Alex is always going for. That's also something what the crowd seemed to have experienced, so that Alex was voted among the 20 best national DJ's on the poll from Germany's leading Dancemagazine, Raveline, in 2006. After a short intermezzo as an official artist on the highly acclaimed label „Zenit“, that has been the platform for acts like Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, The Advent, Gaetano Parisio and many more, he now puts the focus back again on an own platform after releasing his album „Credo“ as a sublabel from Zenit, which is now “continued” as his personal artist label with already highly acclaimed releases like “My bleepy helloween” or “Bullet in your heart”, minimal tunes go together with peaktime slammers in a way that appears obvious and logic. This fact and the music on “Credo” attracts a lot of leading colleagues of Alex like Chris Liebing, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Stephan Bodzin or also Charles Siegling aka Technasia, who invited Alex to join the worldfamous Sino-Label by end of 2008. The feedback on Alex' music is growing constantly, he turned out to be one the few real technoproducers since 2008 and his decision to focus on only a few, but very powerful and strong releases on labels like CLR, Sino or Credo speaks for itself. After releasing numerous succesful releases and remixes in 2009, e.g. “Red Chromosome” on CLR or the “Dark Summer Nights” on Credo, which has to be repressed again and again and was even featured on the German Club Charts (DDC), Alex was really touched by the fact that one of his musical idols, Martin L. Gore, has picked a remix from him (Marko's “Everything turns black” Remix by Alex) for his pre-show-dj-set of the worldwide Depeche Mode “Tour of the Universe”. 2010 was not only Alex being a part of handful of high-class artists to create the “10 years CLR compilation”, it also was the year of Alex' “Being Wayne Sidorsky”, an outstanding album and a compilation of tracks which are totally dedicated to the bas(s)ic energy of Techno, something Alex always stood for and will always stay stand for. After the impressive success of the album and the amazing feedback on it from DJcolleagues all over the planet, numerous remix-requests followed (e.g. Brian Sanhaji, Mark Broom, Hans Bouffmyhre and many more...) as well as it was time for Alex to return to the studio in order break barriers and search for new inspiration in 2011 as far as his extensive schedule allowed him to spend time on it. Quite obvious that his output in 2011 was reduced, but only by quantity, not by quality, which is proven by the fact that another highgrade technolabel became part of his discography: Sleate Records, a label that has defined techno in 2010 and 2011 like only a few others. His “Theory of Noise”, combined with remixes by Alan Fitzpatrick and Monoloc, showed again his ability to serve the dancefloor to the point. Beside, his monthly “Wasabi Tunes”, available as a free mix on his newsletter or on iTunes, constantly shows his clubactivities quite impressively, and so it was a kind of logical consequence to dedicate a DVD to the growing number of fans worldwide, containing a kind of documentation of a weekend he spent in Buenos Aires for a gig at the legendary “Cocoliche” club. Much more than just a continuing recording of the set, this movie delivers a deep insight in the tourlife and the related circumstances. It's like a 45min “roadmovie”, perfectly fitting to his credo of DJing: the party is nothing more as a movie, and while all the dancers are the mainactors, he is nothing more than the creator of the soundtrack... a second issue of those movie-tourdiaries came for christmas 2012. „Wasabi Tunes – Gringotechno in Australia“ was a documentary not only about one city, but a whole tour down under to Sydney, Brisbane und Melbourne. 3 days, 3 cities, lots of travelling. Isn't this pure love for techno? The title track of this DVD called „Sydney Acid“ was released together with „Melbourne Dub“ on the Austrapop EP, the first “real” Credo-release for more than two years. The inspiration on this Ep is kind of funny: a traffic light in Melbourne! The 2 years break on new original tracks on Credo however does not mean Alex was lazy of suffered from a lack of inspiration, not at all! He created the „Recycled Tracks“ series which first release featuring „Hollywoodbullet“ was a huge success. Alex took an old classic from the 80ies from Frankie goes to Hollywood and created a track which even still now is present on parties from time to time. Even Chris Liebing, meanwhile more known for the really monotone and machine-like technosound played the track as well as for example Len Faki, the ravemonster from Berlin. Beside the continuation of the Recycled Tracks series with a mashup of Ministry's „Jesus built my Hotrod“ and a really different sounding „Unsquare EP“ on Credo Black Series Alex received more and more invitations for EP's or remixes on labels or for artists like Respekt, Driving Forces, Kombination Research or also still Sleaze as well as Green Velvet or Thomas P. Heckmann. Does not sound boring at all, hm? Same with touring! Except Africa all continents had the chance to check out „Gringotechno“ by the „Bavarian Technomachine“. His schedule is international, just the way he was always looking for. On one weekend to Canada, then back to Germany before taking off again to Australia. But also domestically not only the quantity, but also the quality of the gigs increases. Best example on this respect: Tresor, Berlin. Years ago maybe one gig per year, maybe also a break in between, meanwhile three already scheduled gigs per year minimum! No comment.

ImmagineDubspeeka: Exlusive Bristol based producer dubspeeka, who recently had his debut on Oliver Huntemann’s Ideal Audio label,
has impressed with an array of releases over the past twelve months, on labels such as Truesoul, Bedrock, Hope and on his very own Skeleton imprint. Also well-known as one part of Kosheen, he’s now up for exploring the electronic music world in all its variety under his dubspeeka alias. Our man from the UK’s West Country has been exciting many of Techno’s elite over the last months with his very own sound. His tunes are deep, yet powerful and driven by the heaviest of basslines and kick-drums and their dark and industrial edge. Watch out for dubspeeka, there’s a lot more to come!

Darius may 2015 bDarius Syrossian: Since moving to the UK as a 14 year old, Darius’ fascination with electronic music has never waned, having initially been infected by its futuristic lure at an underground party back in 1991. Taking formative influences from New York, Detroit and Chicago masters such as Kenny Dope, Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May, DJ Sneak and Carl Craig, a pure and unadulterated house sound has always been Darius’ pre-occupation in place of passing fads or zeitgeist defining trends. The last few years have been a blur to say the least. Tirelessly touring, remixing, producing as well as taking on new musical commitments has seen Darius catapulted from ‘the worker’s champion’ in Ibiza to an international brand that is a symbol of non-conformist DJing and a musical pigeon hole destroyer all rolled into one. Anyone that knows Darius via his social media circles, knows he’s not one to sit quietly while anyone with a poorly formed opinion is negative about the scene he so clearly loves. This is one of the many reasons for Darius’s bonafide popularity. He does not care about DJ top 100 charts, who is cool and who’s not. He cares about playing the music he loves and giving the dance floor the best night of their lives. Darius’ success in Ibiza over recent years is partly down to releases on labels such as Get Physical, VIVa Music, Hot Creations, 8 bit, Avotre & many more huge labels, but equally his residencies for key parties on the island. The first was as a 2 year resident DJ at Steve Lawler’s much loved VIVa Warriors party, after which Darius teamed up with the Sankeys brand to relaunch the legendary Tribal Sessions night, where Darius’ position as Musical Director and main resident DJ, helped Tribal instantly become one of the hottest parties on the island in its first year. The annual clubbing awards in Ibiza voted it Best Night at Sankeys, as well as Darius as Best House DJ of 2014. Usually he would take this with a pinch of salt but it was voted for by the public, which is the only real opinion that Darius recognises. This lead to a Tribal relaunch in Manchester and saw every show become a sell out. This residency won Darius DJ Magazine’s Best of British award for best resident DJ of 2014. 2015 is proving to be another huge year for Darius. Relentless touring, spreading his sound around the world has now seen him play pretty much every major festival in the world taking in too many countries to list, spread over every continent on the globe. His rather public split with Sankeys changed his summer plans with shows including Space Opening Fiesta, Kehakuma at Space and his newest residency Do Not Sleep at Vista alongside his brothers in arms Sidney Charles & Sante who repaid Darius’ faith in them by leaving Sankeys also to work with him on this new venture Do Not Sleep. As of October 2015, Darius has new music coming via DJ Sneak's ‘I'm A House Gangster’ label, Sante's Avotre, not to mention the launch of his own Do Not Sleep imprint, which will add a musical dimension to the name of his white-hot Ibiza parties, which became the talk of the island in summer 2015, and whose attendances led to add-on Do Not Sleep appearances at HYTE and Space Closing. His career to date would show you that Darius has not broken the mould of what a modern house & techno DJ should be, he chooses to follow in the footsteps of the house scene’s forefathers, and has the ability and intuition to link the past and future together.

crate expectations nathan barato 1433879811Nathan Barato: Few DJ’s can own more than one genre, but this is one skill that sets Nathan Barato apart from many artists. Nathan’s versatility allows him to break boundaries and win over fans of many different sounds. For the past 15 years, Nathan has been a favourite in the Toronto scene, and began his career rolling with legends like Peter and Tyrone. In the early years, Nathan’s innate ability to win the crowd over with his groove scored him gigs at legendary Toronto nightclubs such as Industry, Mad Bar and System Soundbar. His talent and dedication eventually progressed him into residencies at The Guvernment, Stereo Nightclub, and Footwork, as well as his own night, “Weird Science” at the long-standing and legendary Comfort Zone. Throughout his career, Nathan has played in cities throughout North America and Europe, but considers Toronto his home base. Nathan has been working hard in the studio and has completed many recent productions as well as upcoming releases on labels such as Rekids, Defected, Culprit, D-Floor, Blackflag, Area Remote, King Street, Bitten and his own Roots And Wings Music. 
1533724 10153693928450455 825981684 nMathias Kaden: Likably undisguised, always surprising and full of verve – putting Mathias Kaden’s charisma in a nutshell is one thing. Another is the feeling of hearing him live in a night club or open air – nothing feels like that. Very naturally he absorbs the audience’s vibe and radiates his own energy into it – no matter whether it’s for a warm-up, at prime time or whilst closing. Mathias Kaden has been a DJ for more than 15 years now. And after more then 1500 gigs he still hasn’t lost his addictive enthusiasm which has given special moments to fans on dancefloors on almost all continents. It all started far away from the big clubbing centers, in the green heart of Germany between the contemplative cities of Jena and Gera. Growing up there, Kaden was a passionate nightclubber and discovered DJing in the mid-90s. His sets then were dominated by the classic vocal house of his American heroes. Later his sound preferences broadened from minimal house arrangements to a contemporary eclecticism that Kaden has found a fitting trademark for, namely Power House. Instead of strict limits in genre, Power House describes his very own way of fast mixing whilst keeping a certain groove and yet continually surprising his audiences with his music. None of his sets are like another. Kaden’s outstanding skills to interweave different spheres of electronic club music are documented by mix compilations for Watergate Records, Cocoon Recordings and the German magazine Groove. His stylistic open-mindedness is also shaping his own productions. His first tracks were build in 2001 together with Marek Hemmann. Their sessions together resulted in five EPs for the Jena record label Freude am Tanzen. At the same time, Mathias Kaden created a versatile style as a solo artist, released between 2005 and 2009 mainly by the Berlin label Vakant. In 2009, he also finished his debut album „Studio 10“ for Vakant. It was a surprisingly experimental and diversified piece of music with various guest musicians and has been well received by both fans and the press. With his „Tentakle EP“ on Desolat and his second album „Energetic“ on Freude am Tanzen, Kaden has recently set more of a course on house again and has let the energy of his DJ sets slip into his music. In return he is giving this energy of his tracks back to the dancefloor: After 15 years of DJing Mathias Kaden is now concentrating more on playing live. His set-up consists of much-loved hardware that allows him to play and be spontaneous with his own musical oeuvre. Aside from his own tracks Mathias Kaden is also a remix producer in demand and has added new facets to tracks by Trentemøller, 2000 & One, Jesse Rose, Kink and Monika Kruse. Mathias Kaden’s gig radius has vastly extended in the past years, with regular performances in well-known clubs and festivals in Europe, Japan as well as North and South America, for example his residency at Cocoon Ibiza at Amnesia. Nevertheless he has stayed closely-knit with his Thuringian heimat. Since 1998 he lovingly nurtures his residency at the legendary Muna club which celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in 2014 and is appreciated as an important location for ambitious parties outside of Berlin, Hamburg et al. At the also well known club Kassablanca in neighbouring Jena, Kaden was promoting the Klanglauf night for ten years which hosted renowned DJs like Luciano, Steve Bug, Solomun and Soulphiction. And finally, Freude am Tanzen has become Mathias Kaden’s home – due to longstanding friendships and their work as a label and booking agency. But Freude am Tanzen is not the only friendship that has lead to new creativity: with the Leipzig band Marbert Rocel and the Jena percussionist Michael Nagler Mathias Kaden founded a real band for a spontanous live-set at the Nachtdigital Festival in summer 2010. Three years later, this band released the widely appreciated album „Plaited“ and played a number of tours.

IMG 1366Micol Danieli: born in Rome in the late 80s, soon firmly establishes herself as a new talent of techno music. Her products find an explosion of new sounds with the concept of techno taken with extreme care. With an eye to the future and an ear to the past for the most demanding dancefloor, but always with the old-school taste. Always curious about different music genres she begins as a child to study the piano and to listen to different bands and artists. Her career as a DJ begins when she meets Renè from Circoloco DC10, he teaches her how to spin records and introduces her to the music scene. Three years ago Renè introduces her to Gabriel Carasco, DJ/PRODUCER & Sound Engineer who teaches Micol how to produce music and introduces her to all the production world and business. Her first release “under the boo tree” hits immediatly the top techno charts on beatport, one of the two tracks included in the EP “Shibuya” is used as soundtrack at Milan fashion week in 2012 by the famous fashion brand “Anteprima”. Today she currently works at Mastering Unlimeted Studio in Rome/Zurich/Berlin. What we can say about her products is that they always find an explosion of new sounds with the concept of techno taken with extreme care. With an eye to the future and an ear to the past for the most demanding dancefloor, but always with the old-school taste.

20319 10153456384274165 3355113381179785143 nAlessio Collinais one of the new generation Italian music producers who has been contributing in redefining the electronic music scene since his tender age. Label boss, producer and DJ, he already vaunts the support of international top names for the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Kerri Chandler, Steve Lawler, Anthony Collins, Marco Carola, Shlomi Aber, Guti, Butch, Wally Lopez, Carlo Lio, Pirupa, Nic Fanciulli and many more. With releases on ViVA, Be As One, Inmotion, Savor, Serkal and his Trend Records, Alessio Collina is one of Italy’s much-talked about gems and it’s just a matter of time to make a name for himself abroad. Born in 1990 in Cervia, Italy, Alessio begins his musical adventure at 13, mixing records at home and, later, organizing local parties. He starts producing very soon, collaborating with his brother Matteo Collina aka Mcj on minimal techno tracks. It’s just few months later in 2007 when his tracks are played by national and international acts, also entering top charts in Italy and abroad. The first successful record ‘The Strange Saxophone’ [Fish Records, London], characterized by the main track with a catchy sax groove over a techno beat, reaches Beatport Top 20 chart and Alessio gets chosen by DJForum as DJ/Producer revelation of the moment. In July 2010, getting more and more passionate about deep and tech-house, Alessio and Matteo start their own label: Trend Records. The first 3 tracks E.P. released on Trend Records reveals to be a true success: ‘Conmigo’ played by Richie Hawtin, ‘Chicago Lovers’ by Wally Lopez during the infamous radio show “La Factoria”. The next great accomplishment comes with Alessio next E.P. “Rhythm” played by DJ Sneak at Miami Winter Music Conference 2011 and charted in the Top 10 WMC 2011. Still young, the label instantly achieves very positive feedback by top names such as Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Anthony Collins, Marco Carola, Butch, Nic Fanciulli and many more. Alessio also makes his way to A-list destinations very soon, being invited by famous clubs such as Cocoricò (Riccione), Kindergarten (Bologna), Link (Bologna), Reaktor 2.0 (Zurich), Misirlou Club (Berlin), Slow Club (Barcelona) also getting involved in Edit Festival 2011 (Venice) and more recently at Dimensions Festival Launch Party 2013 (Rimini). His greatest achievements in the field of production have been “Discorotto” [Inmotion], always stable in Marco Carola, Arado and Carlo Lio DJ sets; “Strange Dreams” [Be As One], included by Shlomi Aber in the Tools for school Vol. 4 next to Guti, Julian Perez,Ramon Tapia, Allì Borem and more. “Strange Dreams” gets instantly charted by the house legend Steve Lawler, who asked Alessio to do a release for Viva Music: the dancefloor filler “Sheeps” will be the incredible result, parf of “El Lado Oscuro” E.P out in December 2012. 2014 was a productive year for Alessio, who released his first solo EP on ViVa Music LTD called "Assault" and a single called "Saw Him" on the NYC based label Serkal, that was played by the italian techno master Joseph Capriati on Ibiza Global Radio, before his show with Carl Cox. Stay tuned for more music in 2015!

1379511 537868509617476 1507096557 nCoyu: to quote the British Tilllate (the nightlife community), “he reigns in Spain”. Celebrated Catalan DJ and producer Coyu has made his mark on Suara music by helping it to become one of the most prominent labels in the world of techno and house music. The label’s resounding success has been proved by the fact it has reached #1 on both, Beatport and Resident Advisor. The electronic music scene has surrendered to Coyu’s constantly outstanding efforts. What began as a dream is now becoming a reality. His studio skills are ever more in demand. The impact of his remix of the Fatboy Slim‘s classic “Right Here Right Now” has been huge (#1 Tech House on Beatport). While his X-Press 2 “Muzik Xpress” remix became massive floor filler as well. Releases on Cocoon, Get Physical, Noir Music, 100% Pure, Tronic or his own Suara plus being one of the most charted artists of Resident Advisor's history has put Coyu on the map as one of the best producers of the moment. Meanwhile, the incomparable Spaniard will continue to take his tasty sets across the globe. He’s recruited fans from every corner of the world are following his spectacular performances at Sónar Festival (2012 and 2013) or his exciting Summer DJ residency joining at Pachá Ibiza (Insane parties on Fridays) alongside artists such as John Digweed, Steve Lawler, DJ Sneak or Fritz Kalkbrenner. Coyu is also day in day out touring across the planet, from South America (Brasil, Peru, Mexico), Asia (Japan, South Korea, Thailand), Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK), North America to Africa… and of course Spain, his country of birth where is considered a visionary with honour. Coyu, a king on a lifelong learning.

1525296 696985663691940 964094566233409740 nwAFF: still only in his early 20’s, UK based DJ and producer wAFF has an undeniable talent that far exceeds his years. His musical passion and mind-boggling affinity with computer production software, sees him surgically attached to his laptop 90% of his waking hours, with the other 10% being spent delving into the music back catalogues of his hero’s and influences Loco Dice, Tania Vulcano, Martin Buttrich, Luciano and Marco Carola. Co-founder of long established Northern clubnight Koala, wAFF has played host to DJs the likes of Matt Tolfrey, Yaya, Glimpse, Subb-an, Nico Lahs and Jordan Peak in his mission to bring quality techno and house music to his native East Yorkshire. He has also seen his Koala venture take off in Ibiza with a two season run of hugely successful boat parties. Not only resident at his own night, wAFF has spent years playing for fellow hometown promoters Different Language as one half of Sona Sound with friend and co-collaborator Pete Batty, a venture that has seen him share deckspace with DJs the likes of Nick Curly, Simon Baker, Hobo, Audiojack, Sebo K, to name a few. With a varied and progressive DJing career under his belt, it’s wAFF’s thriving back catalogue of techno and deep house productions that will see his name shoot to the forefront of the electronic music scene in 2012. Kicking things off aged seventeen on the production programme Fruity Loops, his technical ability progressed at speed before he progressed onto Ableton, a step which has much deepened the intensity and professional flair of his recent work and resulted in his first ever EP being signed to the globally revered and respected label Hot Creations.

10954533 10152544451556673 2057705712285263666 nGary Beck: as a regular fixture at the world's top clubs and festivals, Glasgow born producer and DJ Gary Beck has long been established as a primary figure in techno. Known and respected for his unique sound, he has gained support from the best names in the business and released music on some of the genre's leading labels, institutions such as Drumcode, Cocoon and Saved as well as his own BEK Audio imprint. Since his emergence onto the scene in 2007, Beck has accumulated an impressive list of achievements. Highlights include a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and a Boiler Room session, as well as numerous collaborations with similarly exceptional talents such as Green Velvet, Mark Broom and Speedy J. 2012 saw the release of his seminal debut album 'Bring a Friend' on the legendary Soma Records label. The last few years have seen Gary Beck's career trajectory continue to soar, with shows at renowned clubs such as Womb Tokyo, Fabric London, Awakenings, Output NYC, and Timewarp, to name a few. In addition to a packed performance schedule, Beck spends time as head of BEK Audio, an imprint which has quickly become one of the most revered techno labels on the scene.

561733 10151159503520380 1887801627 nOnno: is a revered Dutch DJ and producer who has been steadily rising to the top of the pile since 2001. In the ensuing years, he has released a number of well-received EPs, most recently the Beatport top- ping ‘Paragroove’ on Moon Harbour, which is also one of the top 3 most charted artists on influential site Resident Advisor. ONNO now continues to produce for other top labels including Get Physical, Souvenir, Saved and International DJ Gigolos. The sound that he now weaves at clubs and festivals across Europe is a bass heavy one with plenty of interlocking house grooves all heavily reliant on big bottom ends, and has received much support from the likes of MANDY, Reboot, Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann and many more. One of the most important benchmarks for ONNO was hooking up with Upon. You Records. Since first releasing on the imprint, the star’s music has made its way into all the right record bags and have seen his demand as a DJ continue to grow. Forever joining the dots between styles and proving himself to be a diverse DJ that can spin in small basements as well as sunny rooftops, ONNO has been rewarded for his skills by being installed as a resident at both Amsterdam club Studio 80 and the prestigious Ushuiai club out in Ibiza. So too has he clocked up plenty more gigs around the world including at Panorama Bar, Watergate and Bar 25 in Berlin, D36 in New York, Electric Pickle in Miami, Beatport Beta Lounge in Denver and Glow in Lima. The future looks just as bright for ONNO: as well as continuing to spin in the best clubs around the world, so too has ONNO many more productions in the pipeline, each of which will continue to showcase his own unique house style.

1241121 366917140106388 462016949 nNeverdogs: Tommy Paone and Marco De Gregorio started playing separately in the early nineties in South Italy when they began buying vinyls. They are both coming from Catanzaro, Calabria but they met in Florence in the year 2000 where they agreed on a new exciting project called NEVERDOGS. The duo adapted to the musical trends and managed to achieve residencies for the most famous clubs in Italy such as Tenax (Florence) and DocShow(Bologna). In 2004 musicians Alessio Monizza and Davide Ruberto joined them in breaking the electronic/dance circuit and help them build a strong reputation as DJ’s and producers. Neverdogs gained the public’s attention in the summer of 2005 via a collaborative project with Italy’s most sought after event called the DocShow (a decadent mix of music, art and performance). The summer of 2006 found them relocated in Ibiza, the hottest and toughest destination of electronic music, where they gained residencies and regular appearances for Privilege, Space, Zoo Project and Underground. By the year 2009 Neverdogs are already dominating Ibiza’s music scene playing for the famous Katamaran parties hosted by Sexy’n’Chic alongside big names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Jose de Divin, System of Survival, etc. Neverdogs gained their reputation in the underground scene and influenced the industry circles through their dynamic sounds by being present at the most selective gatherings in Italy, Ibiza, London, Miami, and Punta del Este (Uruguay). They became regulars of the globe’s finest establishment and parties, playing alongside various artists such as Loco Dice, Behrouz, Tania Vulcano, Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, Audiofly, Luna City Express, Lucio Aquilina, etc. Their first material produced was shared with selected names of the industry such as Satoshi Tomiie, Pascal Feos, Steve Lawler that started appreciating their work instantly. Their productions were released for big labels such as Idea and Eukatech Records and also featured in Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas and Bushwacka!’s playlists. Following a winter tour in 2011/2012 in South America and many other exquisite events in Europe, Neverdogs have played alongside Craig Richards at Tenax (Italy) and at Move On Festival in Uruguay. The summer season of 2012 caught them playing for the famous Music On party in Amnesia Ibiza hosted by Marco Carola and also for Senses parties hosted by Sexy’n’Chic at Ushuaia Ibiza. 2013 shapes up to be a great year for Neverdogs with a successful residency at Vanilla Ninja in Moscow, DocShow in Bologna and Egg London but also with a great performance at Miami Music Conference with Music On at Nikki Beach. The artists managed to play for various famous private parties such as Naomi Campbell’s partner’s birthday party in Jodhpur, India where they have played after special performances from Diana Ross, Jamiroquai, Billy Idol and Brian Ferry. The summer of 2013 caught them playing for the second year for the most famous party of Ibiza entitled Music On and hosted by Marco Carola in Amnesia. They ended playing for the closing party for Amnesia in October, and also for the special opening of Amnesia for the New Years Eve next to Marco Carla, Jamie Jones, Marc Antona, Pan-Pot, Mar-T. After a great and influential year, 2014 comes with special performances for BPM Music Festival in Mexico at Mamitas Beach Club for Music On next to Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati and at the closing party of the Festival that was specially organised just for all the promoters and artists worldwide. In February, Neverdogs were special guests for Music Week Festival in Florianapolis, Brazil where they played twice alongside Andrew Grant (DC10). After this amazing event the artists also performed in D-Edge Club in Sao Paolo, Brazil, one of the most famous underground clubs in the world. Neverdogs return to Europe for tours around Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and London for Music On after-party that was a great success. The summer of the year 2014 will be the third summer of their residency for Friday’s most famous party in Amnesia Ibiza, Music On.

10338305 742892429065232 7177513302322586747 nDavid Krepresents something all too rare in electronic music today: an artist who makes music first and club music second. For him, emotion is paramount, the pop format has its perks and original material is always better than a sample. Late at night and early in the morning he dances alone in his studio, tapping away on his keyboards and throwing together arrangements on the fly (a pianist by training, he can’t bear to make music slouched over a mouse). David K’s roots are in Paris, where he lived his entire life until 2011. He grew up steeped in the his father’s records: Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Serge Gainsbourg, Madness, Blondie, The Clash, disco, classical, czech waltz (of all these, Gainsbourg is probably what comes through the most). He started DJing in the late 80s on a makeshift set of gear, complete with a radio and tape deck, but once he hit his first rave in ‘91 he went straight for the Technics 1200s. He made his recording debut in 2002 on Sismic Music, a small Parisian house label, and soon fell in with some key figures in the Paris’ underground club scene, such as Dan Ghenacia, who brought him into the Freak n’ Chic stable, and Phil Weeks, who put out one of his earliest 12-inches, Yo Chicago, on Robsoul Recordings. A turning point came around 2005, when Sven Väth playlisted one of David K’s tracks: Free Kit, a one-sided single with Heidi on vocals. Cocoon ended up releasing two of his records, Nutty Rush and Tender & Sugar, and gave David one of his best gigs ever: his first live set, at Cocoon Frankfurt and after this of course more gigs all around the world were followingg. In regards of his last releases on Dame Music or Rue de Plaisance, Visionquest or BPitch Control. This is the perfect timing to launch his very first album project who take part to the new Tiefschwartz's imprint : NAU in collaboration with dOP, Guy Gerber or Ellen Allien to name a few. He's out of range, NAU!

dj guest roberto capuano

Roberto Capuanowas born in Naples in 1987. Soon discovers his passion for music production, at the age of 11 years has the first approaches with machines and software of the time. Over the time, his technique and passion grows more and more and decided to devote himself fully to this world by doing some small releases, until he reaches the attention of one of the godfathers of the Neapolitan techno scene, Markantonio, who manages to capture the very outset talent of the young boy, so in January 2009 Roberto released the first release of prominent on"MKT" entitled "Got You EP" which immediately proved popular among the great DJs of the moment with great support by Richie Hawtin, Alex Under, Umek and many others. From there, his career made by the search of his own style through a period from minimal techno to tech-house with a good number of releases on labels like "Loose Records", "Suara", "Monique Musique" and received excellent feedback from the best international DJs. After a few years, towards the end of 2011, he released his first release on the major label "Drumcode" with a single track titled "Oblique" included in the compilation of the 15 years of the label that was one of the tracks leading of the entire compilation. In 2012 Roberto and Markantonio decide to join forces for a special release on "AnalyticTrail" with an EP of 6 tracks and one of them, "T4", reached the second place in the Beatport techno chart as well as many charts of famouses djs. A partnership that solidified the professional profile of producer and DJ Roberto, leading him to play in some clubs in Europe and in the temple of Neapolitan techno music, the “Old River Park”. From there comes many other releases that have been all great success, like the 'EP on "AnalyticTrail" named "Free", again a single track in another compilation on "Drumcode", a new collaboration with Markantonio on "Unrilis", other EPs and remixes on "Driving Forces", "Phobiq" and more ... In March 2013 he released his first solo EP on "Drumcode" entitled "Vertigo EP" that have reached the 1st place on Beatport's Techno chart with the track “Vertigo” In May a new release on “AnayticTrail” with the name “Sweet Willy EP”.

SanteSantè: around a time when deep house music was imploding in on itself amidst a deluge of uninspiring loops, mindless repetition and utter disposability, Berlin’s Santé emerged as part of a wave of new producers with a different cut to their electronic jib. His productions ooze character, charisma, soul, colour, humour and above all a sense of humanity and feeling so devoid from the less inspiring corners of house music. After teaching himself to play the guitar in his early teens, Santé bought himself an Akai MPC-2000 when he was 16 and set the ball rolling for a life entrenched in electronic music. “I was totally into sampling and house” he recalls of those early days of button bashing and experimentation. He left his hometown when he was 21 to immerse himself in the dance music mecca that is Berlin. The plan was to study music at university, but failing the entrance exam meant he had to pursue other endeavours. A studio internship blossomed into a full-time career, with the emerging talent spending six years producing jingles and ad music and nurturing his passion for house music at any opportunity. Nothing was released, however, until one of his demos found its way to Matt ‘Radio Slave’ Edwards. His first ever release came out on Edwards’ acclaimed REKIDS imprint, setting the bar incredibly high and garnering him a lot of high-profile attention in the process. The next major stepping stone for him was meeting two guys named Ali and Basti - also known as Tiefschwarz. “They were looking for a new engineer and took me to their label Souvenir, where I got the freedom to release my music and have a playground” he explains. This fruitful, intense relationship lasted three years before Santé decided to fly the nest in search of new pastures, his sophisticated sound developing all the while. In recent times, his style has taken on yet more verve, with the warmth of the house he has always known and loved now bolstered by a loose techno rhythm and percussive drive. The sensuality remains, yet with more dance floor urgency. Whether its one of his acclaimed live shows or one of his DJ sets you’re listening to, the infectious energy is always there. He describes himself both as a party animal and a studio gremlin (“because you need to be both to do music!”), and cites his biggest influences as The Cure, Talking Heads, Aphex Twin and the Detroit techno pioneers and legends. Embracing both the convenience of the present (producing wherever he goes on his MacBook) and the charm of the past (one look at the rented 808 in his studio will attest to that), he is a producer who effortlessly spans the old and new skool in the most uncontrived of ways. A look at his upcoming release schedule spells out what a diverse producer he is and how far his popularity ranges - from bastions of techno like Cocoon to the kings of big room house Defected, through to underground darlings like Desolat, Supernature and 8Bit. Few producers can claim such a breadth of imprints to be associated with at any one time. When you ask Santé to describe his musical style, he says he doesn’t really know how to - which goes someway to explaining his widespread appeal. Plans for the future include his long-awaited debut artist album, which he promises will be more of a song-based affair than a straight-up collection of dancefloor grooves (“to show a few more skills”), and his fledgling Avotre brand, currently housing a record label and with a clothing line in the making. With his impressive release schedule to boot, he’s looking to be bigger than ever over the coming months.

technasiaTechnasiafor thirteen years Technasia has created a unique east/west fusion that moves seamlessly from the Paris club scene, to the streets of Hong Kong, to the hippest techno venues in Europe. Founded by Charles Siegling and Amil Khan in 1996, Technasia thrived as a duo for almost a dozen years. Now, Charles has gone solo, taking Technasia into 2010 as a one-man project. Unlike a Hollywood divorce, the parting between Siegling and Khan is truly amicable. Hong Kong-based Khan retired from Technasia to spend time with his young family. “You have to live this scene every single day,” says Siegling, “It’s very consuming, Amil didn’t want that anymore.” Despite the change, Siegling has always been the ‘front man’ in terms of DJing and performing live, so Technasia is as thrilling and full-bodied a live experience as ever. If anything, Siegling is even more determined to infuse every aspect of Technasia with his utter absorption in sound, the passion born of 25 years engrossed in electronic music. Born in Paris and raised in an 11th century chateau, Charles grew up listening to everything from Depeche Mode, Jimi Hendrix toLegendary Pink Dots and Einstuerzende Neubauten. His music-loving dad even introduced him to early British rave tunes. As a university student he continued his musical education the clubs of Paris listening to the likes of Derrick May and Robert Owens; and taking note of the records Laurent Garnier and DJ Deep played on their radio shows. In the mid-90s Siegling, who did a degree in film studies, went to check out the Hong Kong cinema scene. There, a mutual friend introduced him to Amil Khan and after they discovered a shared taste in electronic music, Technasia was born. They chose to base Technasia and their record label Sino in Hong Kong because there was no scene there, no record shops, no underground, no infrastructure. It was initially a battle for survival, but the location is vital to the Technasia ethos of music as communication. “Language is THE ultimate barrier,” says Siegling. He strives to overcome the barrier in his own life by picking up languages wherever he goes – he speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Italian, among others – but ultimately he chooses to communicate through sound. “Electronic music is the greatest language of all. No words, just the vibration, the emotion and the beat.” Charles has a burning ambition to create music that transcends cultural barriers, and to captivate every audience. The proof of his success is in the list of clubs and festivals Technasia has played. Fans around the globe, from China, to Colombia, to the Czech Republic, know Technasia’s classic anthems including ‘Force’, ‘Oxide’ and ‘Evergreen’. And they know that every Technasia show takes the music to new heights. When DJing, Charles always plays on three decks, showcasing the old-fashioned arts of cutting and scratching. Live, Technasia takes audiences on an unforgettable ride. Charles literally becomes a one-man band, playing keyboards, percussion and acoustic instruments. He even sings. Anything to create irresistible energy and atmosphere. “I want my audience having fun,” explains Siegling. “Not falling asleep, or going off to the bar for a beer.” The performance aspect of Technasia is complemented by artist albums ‘Future Mix’ and‘Popsoda’ – which are modern classics. Siegling is also an outspoken promoter of young talent, using the Sino imprint as a launch pad for talent including Joris Voorn, Renato Cohen,Steve Rachmad and young Catalan producer Dosem. He has straightforward criteria for what makes a Sino artist: talent and individuality. Charles is refreshingly direct – he has no patience for industry politics – and he seeks out musicians who have a similar strength of character and clarity of purpose. “I share my knowledge with artists who deserve a push,” says Siegling. “So when they are ready to fly, they can do it on their own.” 2010 is a red-letter year for Technasia fans, thanks to the release of third artist album ‘Central’. Technasia’s first ‘solo’ LP, ‘Central’ marks the evolution of their trademark sophisticated, intelligent techno. “It represents a continuity of all the albums, it builds from them,” Siegling explains. “It grew out of new ways of combining melodies emotions and energetic beats.”Technasia is undertaking an extensive tour to promote ‘Central’ and remix support comes from the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Edwin Oosterwal and Dosem through a series of EPs entitled’Central Remixed’. No wonder Siegling is bubbling with delight: “This is my legacy,” he says proudly. “This is what people will remember me for.” 2012 opens on exciting note as Charles joins the agency of the nutso Vagabundos folks, lead by Luciano, with several EPs to be released on Cadenza Records during the course of the same year and several dates at Pacha & Ushuaia in Ibiza.

dj-luca-bearLuca Bear: sperimentare, riscoprire, elaborare…questo è Luca Bear! Nasce a Pisa nel 1985. Da bambino inizia ad ascoltare vecchi nastri a cassetta che lo portano a scoprire le sonorità elettroniche 90′ di cui si innamora a tal punto da farsi regalare dal padre i suoi primi piatti ed un mixer all’età di 14 anni. La passione dilaga e nel 2005 diventa dj resident del Reflex Club di Pisa, dove ha l’opportunità di esibirsi al fianco dei maggiori artisti di fama internazionale e prendere parte ad importanti eventi come i party ufficiali di Cocoon e M-nus. Di lì a poco diventa uno dei dj di riferimento della Toscana riuscendo ad esibirsi regolarmente nei migliori club come il Tenax (Firenze) e il Kama Kama (Lucca). Nel frattempo inizia a dedicarsi alle produzioni e, nel suo studio, prende dimestichezza con sequencer e hardwares impegnandosi giorno e notte nella sperimentazione di nuove sonorità ma mantenendo lo spirito “raw” del quale si era innamorato. Il 2009 è l’anno che da il via alla sua carriera discografica grazie ad Ep e remix sulle migliori labels europee: dopo il successo di Love U su Break New Soil (sulla quale stamperà altri 4 vinili) si susseguono altre importanti uscite su Viva Music, Robsoul, Bla Bla, Noir, Saw. I suoi lavori sono supportati dai maggiori artisti del panorama mondiale ed in poco tempo, il suo sound energico e ricco di grooves, con sfumature house e techno, lo porta ad esibirsi in giro per l’Italia e l’Europa: dal Cocorico’ di Riccione, ai Magazzini Generali di Milano, al Movement di Torino, dal Sankeys di Manchester a quello di Ibiza, dal Sonar Off di Barcellona all’Ade Festival di Amsterdam, fino a varcare le soglie del vecchio continente sbarcando in città come Tokyo, Miami, Montreal e Bogotà. Nel 2011 entra a far parte dell’agenzia Family Affairs con artisti del calibro di Gregor Tresher e Karotte. Nel 2013 Luca decide di creare una propria label, Dirty Session con uscite sia in vinile che in formato digitale dove poter dare pieno sfogo alla propria creatività, curando personalmente dagli artwork al minimo dettaglio sonoro.

Alexis Cabrera: as a self taught musician, Cabrera started to experiment with music at a very young age.
dj Alexis CabreraAfter having spent six years of conservatory studies, his music flourished. Cabrera's style can best be defined as a tech house sound with groovy bases. He performs exclusively live. In 2007 Cabrera published his first EP "hidrobios" under Unlock Recording. The EP is a marriage of deep sounds to defined bases. Since then he has produced for: Amam, Time has changed, Sleep is commercial, Klectik, Bospherus, Minibus, Jagoo, Underground, Vekton Music, Attary, Monique Music, and SK Supreme. Cabrera has performed in numerous venues across South America and Europe including the South American Music Conference. Nowadays Alexis performs at most hype clubs in Buenos Aires such as Mandarine, Bahrein, Pacha, Cocoliche, just to name a few. He was also an important act at the 2009 Festival South American Music Conference (SAMC). And his last european tour was such a success, performing in Berlin, at clubs like Watergate and Club der Visionaere, and also at Split (Croatia), Zurich, Rome, and Venice. 2011 has kept Alexis busy. He´s recently co-produced Barem´s “After the Storm”, along with Barem himself, released on Minus early this year [Minus 110]. He also worked with Jorge Savoretti and Matteo Spedicati for AMAM. Also, he´s been working on the ATLANTIC project with Juan Zolbaran, A&R for Arjaus and renowned both locally and internationally for his productions, and he´s finished his upcoming release for Paco Osuna´s Mindshake label. Cabrera´s eager talent is not limited to dance floor oriented tracks, and this can be seen in his work under the a.k.a. CABRÍ, most suited for relaxing times. Alexis Cabrera without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of new producers of Argentina and his discography shows collaborations with credible top artists of the world such as Someone Else, Kate Simko, Franco Cinelli, Jorge Savoretti, Matteo Spedicati, Guti, Violett, Ariel Rodz, Juan Zolbaran and Ronan Portela, among others.

Bart Sklis: has established himself as one of Holland’s most respected and highly demanded techno dj’s. His dj sets are cheered by techno lovers bart-skilsas extremely forward thinking and musically well constructed. His releases and remixes for Drumcode, 100% Pure, Cocoon and Rejected are internationally rated as some of the most cutting edge dance tracks to come out of Holland in recent years. His reputation for tight productions gave him opportunities to work and remix artists and friends like Joris Voorn, Adam Beyer, Christian Smith, Nicole Moudaber, Kaiserdisco and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. As one of the main players on Amsterdam’s renowned scene, their percussive take on techno and house music are well loved by many. Skils’ long running Voltt nights at Paradiso have proven pivotal in bringing Amsterdam’s New School generation together. During the late nineties Skils’ undivided dedication to techno already landed him a residential spot at the infamous Mazzo venue. This was where he promoted his first techno fuelled nights, consistently staging the most futuristic in four to the floor beats. Many techno pioneers made their first Dutch appearances at these legendary nights and Voltt is still widely regarded as one of the leading events in Amsterdam’s internationally acclaimed club scene. His massive outdoor festival “Voltt Loves Summer” is praised by many in the Dutch scene as an absolute highlight of the year; over 15.000 party people attend this yearly happening on an old shipyard in Amsterdam! With his residency at his own events, gigs all over Europe and many releases and remixes to be played out on the dancefloor, Skils’ dj star has been rising steadily and is shining bright. Persistently rocking venues and festival sites, he has further underlined his position as one of the country’s most reliable and authorative dj’s. His long lasting experience as a dj and his ability to move effortlessly from deep house to banging techno make Skils a sure-fire crowdmover at any given party.

MiniCoolBoyzMinicoolboyzborn in 1984, Michele and Raffaele discovered electronic music in the year 2000. Soon after, they began following the Italian nightlife and attending the most important european festivals such as “I Love Techno” in Belgium and “Timewarp” in Germany. During those trips abroad they discovered the magical feeling between Djs and their crowds. Growing up, they started to open up to new sounds, especially the ones created by techno guru Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman. Michele and Raffaele radically changed their musical tastes: their current style is minimal techno with detroit and tech-house influences. Thanks to their skills and love for music, Michele and Raffaele went on to play at several important clubs in Italy. Michele and Raffaele play their sets with a mix of both traditional and new hardwares, achieving the best sound possible: a drum machine, FX and Traktor Scratch technology, creating a perfect mix between a classical Dj set and a computer-based Live Set. In 2006 a new project came to life: MINICOOLBOYZ Michele and Raffaele began playing back2back, trying to find out new sounds and styles ranging form acid sounds and the hardest grooves. Their career started in various italian clubs and their first tracks immediately received great feedbacks from Italian and international Dj’s, charting at the top of Beatport’s Chart. In October 2008, Richie Hawtin chose one of their remix for his compilation CD “Sounds from Can Elles”, available worldwide with DJ Mag and later released on his Label “Minus” ( “Varese ist leer” is one of the highlights of the album, its sales peaking on charts all over the world and remaining in the Top Ten most requested Techno songs for a long time. 2009 was a landmark year for MiniCoolBoyz: all the top djs of the techno and tech house world play their tracks, most notably Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Joris Voorn and many others. Beatport brands them “Richie Hawtin’s Prodigies” ( Dubfire calls them: “The future stars of electronic music!” and signs two of their tracks to his label Sci+Tec Digital Audio ( Releases followed on acclaimed labels such as SCI+TEC Digital Audio, Saved Records, Octopus, Bitten, Terminal M, Kling Klong, Great Stuff, MBF and many more, and gigs were booked at some of the most important clubs in Europe and festivals such as Watergate, Weekend, Heineken Balaton Sound, Igloofest, Electrovenice. Minicoolboyz are currently focusing on a vinyl only special project called Triptych, and an ep is set to be released on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital imprint.

Raul-MezcolanzaRaul Mezcolanza: was born in Barcelona in the 80s and with fifteen years behind the DJ booths under his belt, he is one of the most prolific and most promising producers in Spain. In 2009 he started his residency at the mythical Florida 135, known as the techno cathedral. By that time he was already a frequent DJ at the internationally acclaimed Monegros Desert Festival in Huesca, Spain. In early 2011 his name was added to the list of resident DJs playing at the renowned Elrow in Barcelona, which is currently one of the best reference clubs worldwide, being also present in Madrid and Ibiza, apart from organizing their own promotional events across the world. Raul has played in various countries both in Europe and Latin America where his fans have enjoyed his sessions which are full of energy, forcefulness and outstanding groove. Over the past few years he has been conscientiously evolving, perfecting and mastering his own style and sound. This has certainly contributed to him having already released over 300 tracks through record labels as important as: Suara, Octopus, Loose Records, Analytic, MKT...among others. With their renowned support most of his tracks have entered the top 10 in the sales charts of websites such as Beatport.

Robert-DietzRobert Dietz: cut his clubbing teeth on the Frankfurt scene dominated by the likes of Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, but the flourishing artist leaps all musical boundaries. His only guiding principle can be summed up in words of Chuck Roberts: House is a feeling!His production skills focus on the same meeting place between technical proficiency and pure excitement. Over the past few years Dietz has built up an impressive CV including work with the likes of, Luciano, Nic Fanciulli, Loco Dice, Davide Squillace and fellow Frankfurt star Reboot.Robert's rise has been apocalyptic and relentless, quicklytransforming him into one of the most in demand names in electronic music. Releasing quality records on stellar imprints such as Cecille, Cadenza, Deep Vibes, Running Back and Saved Records and having developed his skill set as part of the Cadenza team, Robert has now moved onto pastures new where he continues to craft a trademark house sound that captures the celebratory spirit of old-fashioned club music fused with a sleek, 21st century aesthetic. Selected discography: Home Run (Cadenza), Shunsower (Cécille Numbers), Fym (Be Chosen), The Green Light EP (Deep Vibes), HaLo EP (Cecille Numbers), Forward Snipping (Running Back); Party Faktor remix (Tsuba), Ying Yang EP remix (Safari Electronique), Heavy Mental EP (Saved Records).Selected Clubs: Fabric (London), Cocorico (Riccione), Robert Johnson (Offenbach), Pacha (Ibiza), Café D’anverse (Antwerp), D-Edge (Sao Paolo), Baraca (Valencia), Studio Martin (Bucharest), Revolver (Melbourne), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Cocoon Club (Frankfurt) MAD (Lausanne), La Feria (Santiago de Chile), Rex Club (Paris), Harry Klein (Munich), Pacha (Ibiza), Watergate (Berlin), Sankeys (Manchester, Mint Club (Leeds), Goa (Rome), Space (Ibiza), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos).






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